Codices Electronici AG

Codices Electronici AG is a company located in Fribourg specializing in the digitization of valuable documents, especially medieval and early modern manuscripts.

It operates two digitization centers in Switzerland. The St. Gall digitization center has been located since 2005 in the Abbey Library of St. Gall. The Geneva digitization center, in operation since 2013, digitizes mainly manuscripts, incunabula, early print materials, and autograph manuscripts from western Switzerland and is located at the Fondation Martin Bodmer in Cologny.

Codices Electronici AG has cooperated since 2002 with e-codices – Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland. It manages all contractual agreements (digitization contracts, borrowing and deposit agreements, online publication contracts, compensation agreements, and cooperative contracts with libraries and private collections) and is responsible for performing the actual work of digitization in the digitization studios especially set up for this project. It thus facilitates the digitization of valuable documents held by libraries that do not themselves own the necessary equipment and facilities.

Codices Electronici AG is not profit-oriented.


President of the  Governing Board: Prof. Dr. Christoph Flüeler, Fribourg

Member of the Governing Board: Prof. Dr. Ernst Tremp, St. Gallen and Fribourg

Account Auditor: Core Partner AG, Düdingen


Contact Address: Prof. Dr. Christoph Flüeler, chemin des Maggenberg 5, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland


Urs Baumann (Photograph) in the St. Gall Digitization Center

Both digitization centers are equipped with “Graz Model” camera tables. Camera: Hasselblad H4D-50MS (50 Megapixel, multi-shot technology), Lens: HC Macro 4/120 mm-II and HC 2,8/80 mm. Flash system: Elinchrome.


Naomi Wenger (Photograph) in the Geneva Digitalization Center

The center at the Fondation Martin Bodmer was established in 2013 and mainly servers digitization needs in western Switzerland. Two photographers work in each of the two digitization centers. They are advised and supported by the conservators, restoration specialists and libraries at the respective hosting institutions. They also receive administrative and technical support from the e-codices Team at the University of Fribourg.