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St. Gallen
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Cod. Sang. 742
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Manuscript Title
Large-format copy of the Decrees issued in 1234 by Pope Gregory IX
Parchment · 594 pp. · 45-45.5 x 28-29 cm · Italy and France (illumination) · second half of the 13th and second half of the 14th century
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
A representative copy of the decretals of Pope Gregory IX (Pope 1227-1241) in a Gothic-rotunda script from Italy. The text of the decretals is surrounded on each page by the so-called Glossa Ordinaria, a juridical commentary by the canon law specialist Bernardus de Botone of Parma († 1266), which has been written to encircle the main text. The commentary in turn has been extensively edited and glossed at a later time. Each of the five parts is decorated with a scene portraying its content. (smu)
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Standard description
Beschreibung von Philipp Lenz, Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen, 2011.
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Additional description
Scherrer Gustav, Verzeichniss der Handschriften der Stiftsbibliothek von St. Gallen, Halle 1875, S. 243-244.
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10.5076/e-codices-csg-0742 (
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St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 742: Large-format copy of the Decrees issued in 1234 by Pope Gregory IX (
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Maria Alessandra Bilotta, "Nuovi elementi per la storia della produzione e della circolazione dei manoscritti giuridici miniati nel Midi della Francia tra XIII e XIV secolo: alcuni frammenti e manoscritti ritrovati", in: Medieval Europe in Motion. The Circulation of Artists, Images, Patterns and Ideas from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Coast (6th-15th centuries, ed. by Maria Alessandra Bilotta, introduction by Gerardo Boto Varela, Conclusions by Xavier Barral i Altet, Palermo: Officina di Studi Medievali, 2018, p. 319-392.

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