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Abbaye de la Fille-Dieu Romont
Ms. liturg. FiD 1
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Office of the Holy Trinity and of Saint Bernard
Parchment · I + 9 + I ff. · 30 x 20.5 cm · end of the 12th century (after 1174). The flyleaves are from 1136/1140
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Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
The first liturgical library of the nuns of Fille-Dieu, which today is dispersed across all of Europe, has great significance for the history of the Cistercian Order. The booklet FiD 1 (French musical notation) contains the oldest offices of St. Bernard and of the Trinity, which were introduced into the order in 1175 or shortly thereafter. The flyleaves are remarkable as well. Together with FiD 2, they represent relics of antiphonaries that were copied around 1136/1140 and contain the original Cistercian liturgy, which was copied shortly after 1108 in Metz by monks sent by Abbot Stephen Harding. This liturgy was corrected within the framework of the reforms of Bernard of Clairvaux. The existence of Bernardine drafts had until now been known through antiphonary 12A-B from Westmalle Abbey (Belgium) and through the one from Tamié Abbey 6 (Savoy). Codicological analysis of the flyleaves of FiD 1 and of the fragments of FiD 2 reveals that all pieces come from the Swiss Abbey of Fille-Dieu; they share identical status and common characteristics, irrespective of current holding sites. The same hands and correcting hands can be recognized, the same types of ornamentation and the same later touch-ups, which were done at the earliest in the 16th century, probably by the nuns or by the monks of Hautcrêt Abbey (Oron, VD), which was the mother house of Fille-Dieu until 1536. (sca)
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10.5076/e-codices-fdr-0001 (
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Romont, Abbaye de la Fille-Dieu Romont, Ms. liturg. FiD 1: Office of the Holy Trinity and of Saint Bernard (
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12th century
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Liturgica christiana
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Neumes on Staves
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Alicia Scarcez, Liturgie et musique à l'Abbaye cistercienne Notre-Dame de la Fille-Dieu (Romont). Histoire et catalogue des sources de sept siècles de vie chorale , Spicilegii Friburgensis Subsidia 25, Fribourg 2015, p. 23-39 et 66-68.

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