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Abbaye de la Fille-Dieu Romont
Ms. liturg. FiD 5
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Cistercian Gradual
Parchment · I + 127 ff. · 34 x 24 cm · between 1246 and 1255
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Manuscript Summary
This complete Gradual (square notation) contains the temporal (f. 1r-70v), the sanctoral and the Commune Sanctorum (f. 70v103v), votive masses (f. 103v-107v), the Kyriale and litanies (f. 107v111v), antiphons and processional responsories (f. 112r113v), the tropes of the Kyrie Cunctipotens and Fons bonitatis (f. 113v115r) and several additions from the 14th century (f. 115r-127v). According to the analysis of the calendar, this copy could date back to the middle of the 13th century, between 1246 (mention of Saint Lambert by the first hand, f. 100r) and 1255 (no mention of the mass for Saint Dominic on August 5th, f. 95r). Contrary to what is suggested by the labels (back and inside cover), this codex was copied before the end of the 1260s, since the mass of Saint Anthony (f. 75v) was noted by a second hand. In addition, f. 98v contains no mention of an octave of St. Bernard, which is usually included in all Cistercian books from 1295 on. A study of the musical and liturgical content shows that manuscript FiD 5, which is a faithful copy of the older Gradual of the order (Abbazia Tre Fontane 47, around 1140/1143), probably originated in Hautcrêt Abbey (Oron VD), which was the motherhouse of Fille-Dieu until 1536. (sca)
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10.5076/e-codices-fdr-0005 (
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Romont, Abbaye de la Fille-Dieu Romont, Ms. liturg. FiD 5: Cistercian Gradual (
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Alicia Scarcez, Liturgie et musique à l'Abbaye cistercienne Notre-Dame de la Fille-Dieu (Romont). Histoire et catalogue des sources de sept siècles de vie chorale , Spicilegii Friburgensis Subsidia 25, Fribourg 2015, p. 23-39 et 74-77.

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