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Mémoires d'Ici
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Synode de l’Arrondissement ecclésiastique du Jura de l’Union synodale réformée évangélique Berne-Jura
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Documents compiled by Pastor Rémy Frêne of Tavannes
Paper · V + 730 pp. · 36 x 22 cm · Tavannes (Bern) · 18th century
French, German, Latin
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Manuscript Summary
This volume contains copies of various documents, which were meticulously collected by the pastor of Tavannes, Théophile Rémy Frêne (1727-1804), over a period of several decades, but especially in the last third of the 18th century. It thus gathers memories, correspondence, numerous documents and even lists which reveal the pastor’s diverse scholarly activities, especially in the areas of history, geography and politics. The collection allows us to grasp his most personal interests. These writings, organized in thematic series, focus mainly on the Principality of Basel and the region of Neuchâtel. The volume thus would attest an extensive project describing the Principality of Basel, which in the end Frêne did not publish - some of the information the pastor gathered have been included by Charles-Ferdinand Morel in his Abrégé de l’histoire et de la statistique du ci-devant Evêché de Bâle (Strasbourg, 1813). It also reflects the fundamental role that pastors held in the second half of the 18th century as promoters of regional knowledge. (bal)
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Description établie pour la présentation sur le site e-codices par Rossella Baldi (Université de Neuchâtel), novembre 2018.
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10.5076/e-codices-mdi-FER-0002 (
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Saint-Imier, Mémoires d'Ici, FER 2: Documents compiled by Pastor Rémy Frêne of Tavannes (
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