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Archives du Chapitre/Kapitelsarchiv
Ms. 12
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Bible of Valère, Volume I (Pentateuch, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Kings I-IV)
Parchment · 299 ff. · 51 x 34.5 cm · Saint-Maurice d'Agaune? Haute-Savoie? · last quarter of the 12th century
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This manuscript, which is missing the first two leaves, contains a colophon on the verso side of the last leaf (299v). The 13th century colophon informs us that this three-volume Valère Bible was a gift from Willencus of Venthône, dean of the lower church of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Sion (Glarier), to the community of canons of Sion around 1195, on the occasion of the feast of the Epiphany. This work can be associated with certain Carthusian bibles, especially with a bible in four volumes that belonged to a daughter of the Grande Chartreuse (Grenoble, B.M., Mss 14, 13, 25, 15 rés. (19-21 and 25)). The order of the Old Testament Books in the Valère Bible does indeed show agreement on all points with that in the “Bible in four volumes.” Furthermore, the initial in the Book of Genesis from the Sion bible is practically identical with the “I” of Genesis from the Carthusian bible. (mar)
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Description de Geneviève Mariéthoz, 2016.
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10.5076/e-codices-acs-0012 (
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Sion/Sitten, Archives du Chapitre/Kapitelsarchiv, Ms. 12: Bible of Valère, Volume I (Pentateuch, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Kings I-IV) (
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