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Kantonsbibliothek Appenzell Ausserrhoden
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CM Ms. 9
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Manuscript Title
Prayer book of Anne of Cleves
Parchment · 31 ff. · 20.5 x 16 cm · Flanders · second quarter of the 16th century
Middle Dutch
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Manuscript Summary
This highly unusual textual object contains three pastiches of cut-out colored initials and twelve Flemish miniatures from the second half of the 16th century, glued to newer parchment pages and outlined during the 19th century, such that the composite images are presented as if they were painted on a single, matted page. The miniatures were taken from a personal prayer book that belonged to Anne of Cleves (1515-1557). (eis)
Standard description:
Standard description
Gamper Rudolf / Weishaupt Matthias (Hrsg.), Sammlung Carl Meyer in der Kantonsbibliothek Appenzell Ausserrhoden in Trogen. Katalog der Handschriften und der Drucke bis 1600, Dietikon-Zürich 2005, S. 38-42, S. 60f. und S. 83-85.
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10.5076/e-codices-cea-0009 (
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Trogen, Kantonsbibliothek Appenzell Ausserrhoden, CM Ms. 9: Prayer book of Anne of Cleves (
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