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Dominikanerinnenkloster St. Katharina
Chronik ("Konventsbuch")
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Chronicle ("Konventsbuch")
Paper · 187 ff. · 29 x 21.5 cm · St. Gall · ca. 1481/82-1528
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Manuscript Summary
Formerly referred to in the reseach literature as the "Chronic" or "Chronicle", this was in truth the convent record book of the Cloister of St. Katharina in St. Gall (61r:...und sol dis also in des convents buoch gesetz werden...). The content consists of chronologically ordered entries concerning the business transactions of the convent. The manuscript was produced in the course of the reform period, as the convent was converted from private to communal ownership. Thus this convent book served as a record of the transfer of administrative authority of St. Katharina to the convent community itself and made it possible for the sisters to maintain oversight of the goods they had brought with them when they joined the convent. Records concerning building projects, decoration, scriptorium, legal conflicts and donations, entries concerning individual sisters, pastoral staff and employees as well as sporadic entries about the history of the convent were also set down in this manuscript. (rue)
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Mengis Simone, Schreibende Frauen um 1500. Scriptorium und Bibliothek des Dominikanerinnenklosters St. Katharina St. Gallen (Scrinium Friburgense 28), Berlin 2013, S. 307-309.
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10.5076/e-codices-kaw-konventsbuch (
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Wil, Dominikanerinnenkloster St. Katharina, Chronik ("Konventsbuch"): Chronicle ("Konventsbuch") (
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15th century, 16th century
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e-codices · 08/08/2013, 14:47:11

Page 61r :

Rüegg (2010) schlägt den Handschriftentitel "Konventsbuch" (alt: Chronik) mit Verweis auf f. 61r vor. (f. 61r: "...und sol dis also in des convents buoch gesetz werden...").

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Antje Willing (Hg.), Das 'Konventsbuch' und das 'Schwesternbuch' aus St. Katharina in St. Gallen, kritische Edition und Kommentar. Texte des späten Mitttelalters und der frühen Neuzeit, Bd. 54. Berlin, 2016.

Rüegg, Monika, Die sogenannte "Chronik" von St. Katharina in St. Gallen. Inhaltsanalyse eines Konventsbuches. Freiburg 2010. (Magisterarbeit an der Universität Freiburg i.Ue.)

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