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Landesarchiv Appenzell Innerrhoden
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Settlement, shelfmark
M.03.02/PfAA A 2.1
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Manuscript Title
Appenzell Missal
Parchment · 158 ff. · 32 x 22 cm · around 1160
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Manuscript Summary
This missal is the oldest surviving document in the Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden; it is owned by the parish St. Mauritius in Appenzell. It was probably created for a church in the Diocese of Constance, its exact origins, however, are unknown. The missal is also important to the history of the region of Appenzell because it contains the only surviving copy of the deed of foundation of the parish of Appenzell from the year 1071. The volume contains separate parts (calendar, gradual, sequentiary, sacramentary, lectionary). The calendar is particularly rich in saints’ days, although none is rubricated as a patron saint’s day. (fre)
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Standard description
Beschreibung bearbeitet für das Internet, 2015; auf der Grundlage von: Das Appenzeller Missale. Eine illuminierte Handschrift des 12. Jahrhunderts, Appenzell 2004.
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DOI (Digital Object Identifier
10.5076/e-codices-laai-M-03-02-PfAA-A-2-1 (
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Appenzell, Landesarchiv Appenzell Innerrhoden, M.03.02/PfAA A 2.1: Appenzell Missal (
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