Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum, Cod. 3
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Description by Davit Ghazaryan, translated into English by Aida Charkhchyan, 2012.

Manuscript title: Armenian Hymnal
Place of origin: Village of Brnakot (Province of Siunik)
Date of origin: 1662
Support: Parchment
Extent: 321 folios.
Format: 12.7 x 9 cm.
Foliation: It has later pagination by pencil, made by hand from 1 to 100, i.e. 1r-51v.
Condition: Satisfactory, both ties and rivets of ties are missing. On F. 33, 60, 61, 79, 185, 282, 283, 301, 313 and 318, small tears are seen in the edges of margins. On F. 52, 63, 66, 92, 97, 107, 125, 137, 177, 190, 194, 238, 260, 311 - natural holes of the parchment.
Page layout: One column; 23 lines.
Writing and hands:
  • Scribe: Priest Simon.
  • Script: cursive with neumas (khazes).
  • Colophon about the time of writing by the scribe
    • 99v (bottom margin) Remember the sinful Simeon called priest.
    • 321r

      Glory to the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and in the eternity of times, thanks to their favor I brought this book to the end.

      It was written on June 2, 1111 of the Armenian era (1662) by the humble and most unworthy scribe Simon, sinful and ungifted priest. It was written in the province of Siunik, in the village of Brnakot, under the protection of Saint Grigor.

      Now, if anyone comes to see this in order to learn or to copy, remember in your prayers the scribe who wrote this book, and his parents and all his family, my father Isaiah, and mother Sarvar, and my brothers /// and Hovhannes, and my elder son /// Amen.

  • Colophon written later
    • f. 2v (cursive, 18th century) This Hymnal was donated by Reverend Movses which is Apokqabians (?).
Additions: Pen trying, f. 321v (cursive, 18th century) Աղսսց սոցս.
Annotation - 321v (cursive, 18th century) ԱՁ. – First mode / ԱԿ. – First lateral mode/ ԲՁ. – Second mode/ ԲԿ. – Major lateral mode / ԳՁ. – Second mode (It must be Third mode) / ԳԿ. – վաս (It must be Third lateral mode)/ ԴՁ. – Fourth mode / ԴԿ. – (It must be Fourth lateral mode)/ End.
Binding: Blind stamped brown morocco over wooden boards, with fore edge flap; lining from red cloth. Marginal sides: red. Protective sheets: 2 (1-2.) At the end: unwritten paper 1r-2r.
  • 1. 1r-3v [Canon of Joachim and Anna : Parents of the Holy Virgin]
  • 2. 3r-5v Canon of Anna’s and Joachim’s Parents
  • 3. 5v-8r Canon of the Annunciation to the Holy Virgin
  • 4. 8v-10r Canon of the Theophany Eve
  • 5. 10r-11v Canon of the First Day of the Theophany
  • 6. 11v-13r Canon of the Second Day
  • 7. 13r-15r Canon of the Third Day
  • 8. 15r-17r Canon of the Fourth Day
  • 9. 17r-18v Canon of the Fifth Day
  • 10. 18v-20v Canon of the Sixth Day
  • 11. 20v-22r Canon of the Seventh Day
  • 12. 22r-24r Canon of the Eighth Day
  • 13. 24v-28v Glorify the Lord’s Resurrection
  • 14. 28v-30v Canon of the Presentation to the Temple
  • 15. 30v-32v Canon of Saint Anthony the Hermit
  • 16. 32v-33v Canon of the Saint King Theodosius
    • 2. (33v-34r) Hymn of King Trdat
  • 17. 34r-35v Canon of David and Jacob
  • 18. 35v-37v Canon of Saint Stephan Protomartyr
  • 19. 37v-39v Canon of Sts Peter and Paul
  • 20. 39v-41r Canon of John and Jacob
  • 21. 41r-43r Canon of all Christ Apostles
    • 2. (43r-44r) Hymn of the Twelve
  • 22. 44r-45v Canon of the Seventy Two Disciples
  • 23. 45v-47r Canon of the Prophet John
  • 24. 47r-48r Hymn of Sarkis the General
    • 2. (48r-v) Hymn of the moment of Wearing Garment
  • 25. 49r-50v Song of the Stove First Sunday Salt and Bread, by Patriarch Nerses
  • 26. 50v-54r [Hymn of the Lent]
    • 2. (54v) Hymn of the Captain Saint Theodore
      Annot. of the scribe 54v Saturday is the Feast of Theodore
  • 27. 54v-60r Canon of the Second Sunday of Bread and Salt
    • 2. (60r-v) Hymn of Saint Cyril, Patriarch of Jerusalem
  • 28. 60v-70v Canon of the Third Sunday
  • 29. 70v-78r Canon of the Fourth Sunday
  • 30. 78r-80v Canon of the Forty Saint Martyrs
  • 31. 80v-87r Canon of the Fifth Sunday
  • 32. 87r-93r Canon of the Saint Gregory the Illuminator
  • 33. 93r-99v Canon of the Sixth Sunday
  • 34. 100r-101v Canon of the Resurrection of Lazarus
  • 67. 102r-104r Canon of the Entry of Christ into Jerusalem
  • 36. 104r-v Canon of the Second Sunday of Palms
  • 37. 104v-106v Canon of the Whit Monday
  • 38. 106v-108v Canon of the Shrove Tuesday
  • 39. 108v-109v Canon of the Ash Wednesday
  • 40. 109v-112r Canon of the Maundy Thursday
  • 41. 112r-115r Canon of the Good Friday
    • 2. (115r-119r) Song by Patriarch Nerses for the Day of Good Friday from the Gospels
    • 3. (119r-121r) Day Song from the Gospels by Him (Nerses)
  • 42. 121r-123v Canon of the Lord Burial on Holy Saturday
  • 43. 124r-125v Canon of the Holy Easter
    • 2. (125v-129v) Canon of the Holy and Vivifying Resurrection of Christ
      Annot. of the scribe 126v Monday is the Day of Dead Fathers, Say it when it must be said
    • 3. (129v-130v) Saturday is the Day of Saint John the Baptist
  • 44. 130v-136v Canon of the New Sunday
    Annot. of the scribe 134r This Wednesday is the Annunciation to the Holy Virgin
  • 45. 136v-156r This Sunday is the day of all martyriums
  • 46. 156r-160r This Thursday is the Ascension
  • 47. 160r-166v Canon of the Second Sunday of Palms
  • 48. 167r-169r Canon of the Pentecost
  • 49. 169r-170v Canon of the Second Day
  • 50. 170v-172r Canon of the Third Day
  • 51. 172r-173r Canon of the Fourth Day
  • 52. 173r-174v Canon of the Fifth Day
  • 53. 174v-175v Canon of the Sixth Day
  • 54. 175v-177v Canon of the Seventh Day
  • 55. 177v-181v Canon of the Birth of Saint John the Baptist
  • 56. 181v-183r Canon of Saint John the Baptist
  • 57. 183r-185v Canon of Saint Gregory the Illuminator
  • 58. 185v-186v Canon of the Sons and Grandsons of Saint Gregory the Illuminator
  • 59. 186v-189r Canon of Armenian Catholicos Nerses
    • 2. (189r) Hymn of Catholicos Saint Sahak
  • 60. 189r-194v Canon of Saint Hripsime and her Companions
    • 2. (194v) Canon of Saint Sandukht
  • 61. 194v-196r Canon of the Holy Tabernacle (Tapanak)
  • 62. 196r-198v Canon of the Transfiguration First Day
  • 63. 198v-200r Canon of the Second Day
  • 64. 200r-202r Canon of the Third Day
  • 65. 202r-203v Canon of Shoghakat
  • 66. 203v-206r Canon of the Holy Virgin’s Dormition First Day
  • 67. 206r-211r Canon of the Second Day
    Annot. of the scribe 206v Saint Souls devoted to the Holy Mother of God by Archimandrite Kirakos Yerzynkatsi
  • 68. 211r-213r Canon of the Third Day
  • 69. 213v-214v Canon of the Eve of the Holy Cross Elevation
  • 70. 214v-216v Canon of the Second Day
  • 71. 216v-218r Canon of the Third Day
  • 72. 218r-219r Canon of the Fourth Day
    Annot. of the scribe 219r Dead Fathers on Shoghakat, Say it when it must be said
  • 73. 219r-220v Canon of the Fifth Day
    Annot. of the scribe 219v. It is written on Shoghakat, Know and say
  • 74. 220v-222r Canon of the Sixth Day
    Annot. of the scribe 221v Dead Fathers on Tapanak [Tabernacle], Say it when it must be said
  • 75. 222r-223v Canon of the Seventh Day
  • 76. 223v-225v Canon of the Eighth Day
  • 77. 225v-227v Canon of the Saint Cross of Varag
  • 78. 227v-229v Canon of the Cross of Gut
  • 79. 229v-232v Canon of the Saint Prophets
  • 80. 232v-234v Canon of the Archimandrite Mesrop
  • 81. 234v-236v Canon of the Catholicos Saint Hacob Mtsbena
  • 82. 236v-237v Canon of the Bethlehem Children
  • 83. 237v-239v Canon of the Saint Archangels Gabriel and Michael
  • 84. 239v-242v Canon of the Saint Patriarchs
    • 2. (242v) Hymn of Saint Ignatius the Patriarch
    • 3. (242v-243r) Hymn of John Chrysostom
    • 4. (243r) Hymn of Saint Basil the Patriarch
    • 5. (243r-v) Hymn of Saint Gregory the Theologian
    • 6. (243v) Hymn of Saint Nicholas the Patriarch
    • 7. (244r) Hymn of Minas Hermogenes
    • 8. (244r-v) Hymn of Saint Ephraim the Hermit
    • 9. (244v-245r) Hymn of Saint Eustratius and his companions
    • 10. (245r-v) Hymn of the Two Myriads of Martyrs
    • 11. (245v-246r) Hymn of Saint Stepanos Ulnetsi
    • 12. (246r) Hymn of Saint Sukias and his companions
    • 13. (246r-v) Hymn of Vahan Goghtatsi
    • 14. (247r) Hymn of David Dvinetsi
    • 15. (247r-v) Hymn of Kirakos and his Mother Julita
    • 16. (247v-248r) Hymn of Saint Oskan and his companions
    • 17. (248r-v) Hymn of Saint Atome and his companions
    • 18. (248v-249v) Hymn of Saint Vartan and his companions
  • 85. 249v-253v Hymn (= Canon) of Saint Łevond and his companions
    • 2. (253v-255r) Hymn of the Seven Grasseaters
  • 86. 255r-v Song about the First Day of the Unique Week, and about the Mystery of Creation, and about the Resurrection of Christ
    • 2. (255v-256v) Song about the Second Day of the Creation, and about the Celestial Forces
    • 3. (256v-257r) Song about the Third Day of the Creation, and about the Third Period, and about Saint John the Baptist
    • 4. (257r-v) Song about the Fourth Day of the Creation and about the Fourth Period, and about the Annunciation to the Holy Virgin
    • 5. (257v-258r) Song about the Fifth Day of Creation and about the Fifth Period, and the Saint Apostles of Christ
    • 6. (258r-259r) Song about the Sixth Day of the Creation, and about the Sixth Period, and about the Crucifixion of Christ
    • 7. (259r-v) Song about the Seventh Day of the Creation and about the Seventh Period, and about the Mystery of Passing away
  • 87. 259v-260r Song of the Sunrise Hours from the psalm The Name of Lord
    • 2. (260r) Song from the psalm Sing aloud unto God
    • 3. (260r-v) Song from the psalm O Lord Our Lord
    • 4. (260v) Song from the psalm The Lord is my Shepherd
    • 5. (260v-261r) Song of the Third Hour of the Day from Miserere
    • 6. (261r-v) Song of Sixth Hour of the Day
    • 7. (261v) Song of the Ninth Hour
    • 8. (262r-263r) Song of the Vesper Hour of Peace
  • 88. 263v-280v Canon of all Martyrs
  • 89. 281r-299r Canon of the Dead
  • 90. 299r-302r Song for the Dead by Patriarch Nerses
  • 91. 302r-319r Blessings of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • 92. 319r-321r Hymn of Censing