Metadata Encoding

Scholarly descriptions in XML format using TEI-P5 standard

Scholarly manuscript descriptions encoded in a specialized XML format are employed as metadata for the digitized manuscripts presented on the website. The XML format used complies with the Text Encoding Initiative guidelines for the electronic presentation of manuscript descriptions (TEI-P5).
Compliance with this international standard enables the exchange of metadata with other digitization projects, meta-search engines, and portal sites. In addition the structuring of metadata according to the TEI-P5 standard allows the assignment of metadata information to individual fields or substructures, enabling users to perform focused searches with a dedicated software tool for Author, Title of Work, Incipit, Decorative Elements, and so on, (for more information about the various Browse and Search functions of e-codices, see New Web Application).
Furthermore, the utilization of XML guarantees the long-term usability of the current metadata, independent of the need to use a particular software or edition of that software.