Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 2
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Manuscript described by Orietta Da Rold with the assistance of Hollie Morgan and George Younge, with reference to published scholarship (2010; 2013), in The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220, edited for e-codices, 2020.

Handschriftentitel: Ælfric's Homily for Septuagesima Sunday
Entstehungszeit: s. xi2
Beschreibstoff: parchment
Umfang: a single leaf
Format: 185 x 139 mm
Lagenstruktur: Ruling on the hair side (recto), single bounding lines (Ker 1957, p. 347).
Zustand: 20 out of probably 25 lines remain. Lines 12-14 on the verso are partly illegible where the leaf had been folded.
Seiteneinrichtung: 154 x 121
Schrift und Hände:
  • Insular minuscule. Ker 1957 describes the hand as 'ugly [...] round and upright and fairly large' (p. 347), and notes the following characteristics:
    • a often Caroline.
    • e open at the top.
    • f the cross-bar transects the shaft.
    • s low, round and long forms used, but long only used in the ligature st.
    • ð long upstroke.
    • ascenders short.
    • descenders short.
  • abbreviations
    • gˉ used for ge-
    • cw used for cwæð
    • hwˉ used for hwæt
    • fˉ used for for
  • long s used in st ligatures.
Hauptsprache: English
  • Ælfric: Second Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies II]: Septuagesima
    [me]rgen ond ƿolde hirian …–… mid þam naman ys gesƿu
    According to Ker 1957 the leaf is complete, except for probably five lines missing at the head (p. 347).
    • Godden 1979, 41-42
    • Ker 1957, Item 285
    • Thorpe, 1844-46, pp. 72-74
Entstehung der Handschrift: The origin is unknown.
Provenienz der Handschrift: Formerly the wrapper of Mancinus, De quattuor virtutibus (London, R. Dexter, 1601). It formed part of lot 29 in the Howard of Corby sale, Sotheby's, 1st August 1934. The buyer, E. P. Goldschmidt, detatched it and sold it separately. It was part of the collection of Mr. Wilfred Merton, Slindon, Sussex until at least 1957 (Ker 1957, p. 347).
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