Terms of Use

Use of images 

As a matter of principle, the use of our digitally reproduced images for non-commercial purposes is free. Several libraries have decided to release all their images freely. Images with the designation Public Domain Mark can be used without restrictions, even for commercial purposes, without requesting further permission. Other libraries have chosen the Creative Commons license Creative Commons License for their images. This permits the use of individual images for non-commercial purposes (particularly in the areas of education and research), as long as proper source citation is used (see below).

Any form of commercial use or republication (publication or advertisement, in electronic or print media, company websites, commercial databases, etc.) of images or content made available by e-codices requires a proper source citation (see below) and the prior written permission of the manuscript owner library (see Contact – library or collection).

Uncompressed TIFF images can be obtained from the manuscript owner library for publications in print media.

Use of metadata

The use of metadata is generally protected by a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License. Use of this metadata is allowed, as long as proper source citation is used.
Exclusions: some individual manuscript descriptions used on the e-codices website with special permission from the author or publisher. Please note additional limits on the use of certain individual manuscript descriptions.

Metadata Harvesting through OAI Interfaces

Metadata harvesting is made possible by the use of OAI interfaces, based on Dublin Core, under www.e-codices.ch/oai. All metadata and previews provided via the OAI interfaces are released for free use and are not subject to any copyright Public Domain Mark.

e-codices provides the OAI interfaces in four languages:

Annotation Tool

New users of the annotation tool are asked to register with their real first and last names. Furthermore, a new user must be able to be contacted via an e-mail address. Your personal data will not be made public by e-codices or by the participating libraries and will not be shared by e-codices. The user name does not absolutely need to match the user’s real name.
e-codices reserves the right to contact you personally by e-mail, to advise you in the use of the annotation tool, or to pose questions regarding the content of your annotations or information.
As a user of the annotation tool, you can make comments or add bibliographical information, initiate or participate in a discussion, if you agree to the following terms:

  • you assume full responsibility for the content of you comments. e-codices does not assume responsibility for the accuracy or usefulness of comments published by you.
  • you consent to your comments being published under a Creative Commons cc-by license. This license allows for unrestricted further use of your comments, under the condition that your user name is stated as specified in the license.
  • your comments are factual, respectful and addressed to a scientific forum. You agree not to publish any material that violates laws or injures natural persons or legal entities. You agree not to infringe copyrights.

e-codices retains the right to edit your comments or to delete partial or entire comments without prior consultation. In case of a violation of the tems of use, e-codices retains the right to suspend or cancel your account.

Source Citation

Source citations must take the following form:
Location, + library, + shelfmark, + page number (www.e-codices.ch).

Engelberg, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. 14, f. 12r (www.e-codices.ch).

For web publications: 
Citations as above, with the addition of a hyperlink to https://www.e-codices.ch.


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