text & bytes LLC

text & bytes LLC is an IT company based in Bern that specializes in digital humanities. It was founded in 2010 by the former e-codices Project Manager and Technical Director Rafael Schwemmer. In addition to providing customized web applications and digital edition production, the company also offers consulting, especially in the area of digitization and digital libraries. text & bytes LLC has collaborated intensively with e-codices since 2011 and developed the new e-codices web application as well as the e-codices App for iPhone and iPad. In addition to e-codices its customers include Stanford University Libraries, the publisher NZZ Libro, the Swiss Institute for Media for Children and Youth (SIKJM), and other institutions in Switzerland and abroad, including, but not limited to, universities and related entities.
The director of text & bytes is Rafael Schwemmer (Bern); collaborative services are provided by freelance contractors Douglas Kim (California, USA), Roger Klein (
KLIK! Klein Informatik, Zurich) and Jérémie Blaser (Zurich).
Website: www.textandbytes.com