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Country of Location
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Médiathèque Valais
S 105
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Manuscript Title
Terentius, Comoediae
Paper · 92 ff. · 29 x 39 cm · 1474
Manuscript Summary:
Manuscript Summary
This manuscript from the library of Walter Supersaxo (ca. 1402-1482), Bishop of Sion, and of his son Georges (ca. 1450-1529), contains Terence’s six comedies, each of which begins with an ornamental initial: Andria (f. 5r), Eunuchus (f. 19v), Heautontimoroumenos (f. 35v), Adelphoe (f. 52r), Hecyra (f. 66v), Phormio (f. 78r). The manuscript is part of a bundle of copies which were made, if not by Georges Supersaxo himself, then by a scribe in his service. At the time, the young man was a law student in Basel. This group of manuscripts includes classical pieces (Terrence, Sallust…), but also texts that would be familiar only to scholars (Augustinus Datus, Gasparinus, Barzizius,…). Terence’s comedies take a special place in the collection, since they were recopied into another manuscript in this group, S 101, which remains incomplete. (esc)
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10.5076/e-codices-mvs-S-0105 (
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Sion/Sitten, Médiathèque Valais, S 105: Terentius, Comoediae (
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